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Rahmads Stromanis returns at FCR 13 against hard-hitting frenchman!

Fight Club Rush 13 i set for the promotions debut in the Swedish capital city of Stockholm and another thriller of a match up was just announced.

FCR officials just announced a lightweight bout between Örebro Fight Gym standout Rahmads Stromanis (3-1) and Frances Mohammed Rouzik (2-1). The bout is expected to serve as co-main event at FCR 13, though that is not yet finalised.

Ever since his amatuer MMA days Stromanis has been a force to be reckoned with. He made his pro debut at FCR 8 against Norwegian Geir Kåre Nyland in a bout that was short an brutal. Early in the first round Stromanis landed a heavy strike that flattened his opponent.

After that Stromanis followed up with a highlight reel knockout of Karar Al-Jaberi at FCR 9. Despite some first round adversity Stromanis landed a superman punch that closed t he show in the second round.

Following a knockout win in another promotion Stromanis was set for a main event bout with Swedish prospect David Jacobsson at FCR 11. The bout was evenly matched and tightly contested, with both fighters having their moments. After three rounds the judges awarded Jacobsson the win via decision - though there were heated discussions regarding the scoring after the fact.

Rouzik has represented the French national team in several amateur competitions. After going 1-1 with both fights going the distance Rouzik was booked for a fight with Swedish prospect John Oldenqvist - in the Swedes home town. This time Rouzik left the result out of the judges hands, scoring a brutal first round knockout over the home town fighter in less than a minute.

With both fighters having dynamite in their hands there's a good chance the judges wont be needed for this lightweight scrap.


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