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Amazon Prime series "Paradis City" to be filmed in conjunction with FCR 20

As if Fight Club Rush 20 wasn't already massive enough, the event will now be cemented as part of TV history. The FCR team can now proudly announce that parts of the new upcoming Amazon Prime series "Paradis City" will be filmed at FCR 20, which goes down in Västerås on June first.

"Paradis City" is based on the book of the same name byt Swedish crime author Jens Lapidus, it will feature big name actors and is expected to be a must-see series. Lapidus is perhaps most known for his book "Snabba Cash" which was adapted into a three-part film series starring Joel Kinnaman.

FCR promotor Zlatko Ostrogonac is thrilled and honoured for this opportunity and sees it as a testament to the high quality that FCR brings.

"It's great that the film industry has brought FCR MMA's quality to light at this event, so much so that they feel comfortable with filming scenes at our show."

Recently the Amazon Prime feature film Roadhouse, a remake of the 80's classic action film starring UFC superstar Conor McGregor and Hollywood heart throb Jake Gyllenhaal, broke records as the film attracted 50 million viewers worldwide!

Parts of Roadhouse was filmed in conjunction with UFC 285 in Las Vegas and utilised the authentic setting for scenes in that motion picture. Something similar is planned for FCR 20.

While this is a huge milestone and a testament to the quality that FCR brings, rest assured this is only the beginning.


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