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Viktor Mangs returns to FCR to battle under the radar prospect Randy Fungula!

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Nothing but the best possible amateurs can be expected to compete on the Fight Club Rush stage. This is exemplified with the latest booking: Viktor Mangs vs Randy "King" Fungula!

These amateur lightweight prospects will enter the cage at FCR 17 in Uppsala on September ninth.

Mangs should be no stranger to fans of FCR, as he defeated three time Swedish boxing champion Anton Hellström via decision at FCR 16 earlier this year.

That, however, was only the latest of Mangs many achievements. He also tapped out FCR alumn Anton Ringvall en route to a silver medal in the Swedish national championships in amateur MMA. Aside from that Mangs also holds wins over Reza Mohammedian and Daiki Morikawi to name a few.

Fungula is perhaps the most criminally underrated amateur to grace the FCR cage. Fighting out of pioneer training center Pancrase Gym King holds wins over a who's who in regards to FCR talents.

With wins over Jaafer Mohammed, Daniyal Shamkhalov and Fabian Long, as well as two victories over both FCR star Alexander Lööf and FCR 7 main eventer Elvin Hoxha, Fungula is just on the cusp of his breakthrough moment.


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