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Vicious striker Ebrima Faal faces Finnish upstart Brayan Aspegren in banger match up!

Sometimes fights are intriguing for the story that drives it, sometimes due to technical prowess just for the good old fashioned violence that will follow. An enticing middleweight fight between Sweden's Ebrima Faal (1-2) and Finland's Brayan Aspegren (1-0) was just announced for Fight Club Rush 18 at Västerås Arena on November 25th.

Faal is a striker through and through who had a tough start to his pro career, losing his two first pro fights via submission in the first round. His most recent loss, which occurred against Northern top prospect Theodor Berggren at FCR 11, has aged very well, however, and since joining team MACC in Stockholm Faal has reached new heights in his career.

The towering striker would get his breakthrough moment at FCR 16, facing fan favourite Nabbe Malki. Faal needed less than half a minute to knock Malki out and followed up with an interview for the ages.

Aspegren is an experienced representative of the Finnish National MMA Team who has competed for his country abroad on four occasions, he is also a 2020 Finnish MMA Champion.

In May of this year Aspegren made his pro debut, at light heavyweight, bulldozing Davit Gujejiani en route to a second round submission win in a one-sided bout.

All early indications are that both Faal and Aspegren will want to keep this fight on the feet in what could very well end up a total car crash of a match up - much to the delight of the fans.


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