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The craziest slug fests and wildest bouts of Fight Club Rush 1 to 10 - Part Two

We previously took a look at some of the craziest bouts of the first ten events that FCR have produced. The second and final half of that list awaits below!

FCR 9: Nermin Hajdarpasic vs Fatih Aktas

There's something special about the heavyweights, isn't there? Whatever is lacked in speed surely is made up for with raw strength. Nermin Hajdarpasic and Fatih Aktas proved that in a near-classic fight that sparked a rivalry.

Hajdarpasic had become one of the hottest heavyweights in Sweden following his explosive debut and subsequent call out of Irman Smajic. Aktas was a proven commodity; a well-versed striker that could give any heavyweight a run for his money.

While it may have started a little slow, the two picked up the pace and to the shock and awe of many, Hajdarpasic was dropped. He battled back tooth and nail, never letting up and firing back at every corner.

The fight ended in a close split decision, prompting a much more one-sided rematch, but the first meeting was a real nail biter.

FCR 6: Amir Malekpour vs Ilaz Zabelaj

In one of the best fights of the pre UFC Fight Pass FCR era, Ilaz Zabelaj made his pro debut against amateur European gold medalist Amir Malekpour. Not many were lining up for a pro debut like that, but Zabelaj is not like most.

Zabelaj commanded respect immediately as he dropped Malekpour in a shocking display. Clearly Zabelaj would not be a pushover. Malekpour battled back into the fight, dropping Zabelaj as well, while fans wondered how long these two could continue to go at it.

Eventually Malekpour would find victory by way of submission, but this was the fight that many were talking about while leaving Västerås Arena.

FCR 8: Felipe Lima vs Fernando Flores

There is no doubting the heart of respected fan favourite Fernando Flores. That was never in question heading into the main event against rising star Felipe Lima, though one question many asked during was: "How much can he take?!"

Flores is a battle tested veteran, the likes of which the Swedish MMA scene had barely seen before. Never giving up, always leaving it all inside the cage and constantly pressing forward.

Lima is about as explosive and creative a striker as one could ask for, but even he must have been asking what more it would take for Flores to go down. Flores lived up to his nick name "El Toro" while Lima was forced to play the part of matador, avoiding the onslaught of his foe.

In the end Lima would emerge as not only the winner, but also one of the most promising prospects in Scandinavia, and Flores once again reminded the fans of why he is so beloved.

FCR 9: Amir Malekpour vs Alexander Lööf

Not many are looking to debut against Amir Malekpour, Ilaz Zabelaj is one, and Alexander Lööf is the other.

Coming off of his thrilling victory over Zabelaj, Malekpour was determined to start a a winning streak. Lööf was making his pro debut, looking to continue the heavy-handed success he had found on the amateur stage.

For the longest time it seemed that Malekpours comprehensive game and wrestling would be the key to victory. But if you slip up just once against Lööf, his "right hand from hell" just may find its mark. It certainly did here.

FCR 5: Amir Malekpour vs Delshad Moraad

In what might be a cult classic of a fight, Amir Malekpour and Delshad Moraad threw down in Västerås, lighting up the fall darkness with blitzes of excitement.

This fight had nearly everything: crazy uppercuts, dueling flying knees, shots that rocked and of course a slick submission that ended the fight.

Malekpour is now a household name, revered for his fighting spirit and top-notch talent. Sadly, Moraad has not fought since, though this instant classic makes sure he will never be forgotten.

FCR 8: Abdurakhman Nasrutdinov vs Ashley Kilvington

Watching Abdurakhman Nasrutdinov compete is like seeing a very violent cirque du solei. Acrobatic feats of physicality are complemented with vicious strikes and violent assaults.

Brit Ashley Kilvington entered as the more experienced fighter and he, on paper, had all the fundamentals required to win. Nasrutdinov is a fighter like no other, though, and his explosive creativity was on full display in the co-main event of FCR 8.

FCR 9: Jonny Touma vs Zoran Milic

We end with what may very well be the best fight in FCR history so far, though it was undoubtedly the best Swedish fight of 2021.

The first (but hopefully not last) pro encounter between Jonny Touma and Zoran Milic holds a fandom of its own as the two rivals blew the roof off Västerås Arena.

The fight is well known now but as it enfolded nobody knew what to expect. The momentum swayed back and forth like the pendulum of the worlds most violent clock, as both fighters landed devastating shots, rocking and shaking each other.

While Milic was known for fan friendly wars Touma proved that he is just as much of a warrior as well. The bout has already been talked about to death, but it can never be seen too many times.


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