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The craziest slug fests and wildest bouts of Fight Club Rush 1 to 10 - Part One

If one goes to a Fight Club Rush event then high-octane action is not only expected, it's guaranteed.

Over the years FCR has produced some of the craziest barn burners in Sweden that have sent fans to their feet shouting in excitement. In this latest list we take a look at some of the best, most entertaining and craziest fights in FCR history, encapsuling the first ten events.

FCR 3: Adam Westlund vs Kasim Norwich

In what may very well be the fight that cemented Adam Westlund as must-see TV (and also as the Nate Diaz of Sweden), we flash back to 2018 and FCR 3. An up and coming Westlund took on Allstars Training Centers Kasim Norwich in a fight that left fans screaming for more.

The two wasted no time in finding their distance or rhythm and instead settled for slugging it out - much to the delight of the fans.

Norwich landed heavy shots, showed the heart of a lion and was willing to battle until the end. However Westlunds intense pressure and unending combinations would see him get the late finish in a thrilling fight.

FCR 10: Irman Smajic vs Nermin Hajdarpasic

Anything can happen in MMA. Such as a boxer turned relatively inexperienced MMA fighter being down two rounds and battling back to finish a top-heavy wrestler and two-time amateur MMA world champion.

That is what happened, however, as bitter rivals Irman Smajic and Nermin Hajdarpasic faced off after a heated build up. Smajic took the lead, as the odds makers would suggest. But as time went on, Smajic began to tire, and Hajdarpasic seemed possessed, unwilling to relent.

Hajdarpasic would go on to end the fight, and the rivalry, in violent, drawn out fashion as the third round that overshadowed the somewhat slow start to the fight. The culmination of this heavyweight battle is now well known, and for good reason.

FCR 6: Daniyal Shamkhalov vs Basir Safdari

FCR 6 was such a good event that this amateur barn burner sometimes gets overshadowed by the pro fights that followed it.

Daniyal Shamkhalov is simultaneously one of the best and most underrated amateurs and Swedish national team representatives that the Nordic country has produced. Basir Safdari is called "The Underdog King" by some, and this was the fight that started that.

The fight encompassed nearly every element of MMA - and did so on a high level. Shamkhalov and Safdari entered vicious exchanges both on the feet and on the ground. The talent displayed in this amateur contest could put pro fighters to shame.

Safdari would go on to snag the decision in classic "Underdog King" fashion, yet nobody left the bout as a loser.

FCR 8: Zoran Milic vs Hannan Housmand

There are brutal knockouts, but the submission attempt Zoran Milic was subjected to in his pro debut against Finnish star Hannan Housmand was taken straight out of a horror movie.

Facing an undefeated prospect with four pro fights in ones debut is no easy feat, and Milic was truly tested at FCR 8. He was taken down and put in an armbar that most human beings would have tapped to. Milic would not, however, despite his arm clearly being hyper extended.

Milic survived, turned up the pace in the second round and repaid his opponent with vicious, bloody elbows that secured victory.

FCR 5: Ali Taleb vs Shoeb Karar

Before Malmös Ali Taleb was a UAE Warriors champion and a future star in the PFL, he and the always game Shoeb Karar made their pro debuts at FCR 5.

Taleb plodded forward in his trademark colourful shorts and with his trademark relentless pressure, while Karar fired back and brought the fight as he is known to do.

Karar threw everything he had into many of his shots while Taleb elected to fight on the outside, throwing vicious counters and landing heavy shots on his opponent.

When it seemed like Karar would survive and go the distance Taleb landed haymakers that forced the referee to intervene, stopping the fight and marking the starting point of a still undefeated journey for the Malmö contender.

FCR 10: Josefine Knutsson vs Lanchana Green

How good is Josefine "Thunder" Knutsson? Damn near unstoppable!

The hyped Swede would face her toughest test to date at FCR 10, facing the TUF-tested and seasoned Brit Lanchana Green. The bout ended up being a true coming out part for Knutsson, however. "Thunder" was like an artist painting her masterpiece - using her fists and her opponents blood.

While one-sided, Knutsson was tested - and passed every single challenge. Everybody knew to fear "Thunder" following this fight.

FCR 3: Zoran Milic vs Fadi Asfar

In what would be the promotional debuts of two future fan favourites, Zoran Milic and Fadi Asfar locked horns at FCR 3.

While nothing less than "Fight of the Night" material is expected from these two in modern times, this may very well be the fight that secured those expectations.

Take downs, transitions and, of course, wild striking exchanges. A split decision almost seemed the most fair outcome in a fight where the fans were the biggest winners.

Stay tuned for part two...


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