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FCR presents: The best knockouts and TKO's of 2023!

Few things in MMA are certain but one thing that always seems to be the case is: MMA fans love knockouts! 2023 gave the fans many explosive fights and finishes and now we have listed the best knockouts and strike finishes of this year!

9: Najib Adams vs Erik Olofsson - FCR 15

Burtsing onto the scene with style, swag and charisma Najib Adams was already turning heads before even making his MMA debut. One couldn't have asked for a better debut either, as he KO'd Erik Olofsson in the very first round at FCR 15, laying the foundation for great things to come.

8: Christian Stigenberg vs Simon Seiler - FCR 15

Following a controversial split decision loss in the PFL Christian Stigenberg returned to FCR to face Danish grappler Simon Seiler in a Nordic clash. Stigenberg put the pedal to metal and never let up, drowning his foe in a seas of punches.

"Lången" was officially back and currently sits on a two fight winning streak.

7: Arlind Berisha vs Mustafa Atrakchi - FCR 17

The hype surrounding Norwegian-Albanian phenom Arlind Berisha was surreal - but he undoubtedly lived up to every ounce of hype.

Berisha faced Mustafa Atrakchi in what was both fighters pro debuts. The fight was short, however, much like many of Berishas amateur fights. Berisha connected quickly with devastating shots, announcing his presence to the MMA world.

6: Nabbe Malki vs Maycon James - FCR 17

Following a tough knockout loss Nabbe Malki would get his redemption against Brazilian grappler Maycon James.

The two met at FCR 17 in Uppsala and while James set the tone, Malki would nail the chorus with a ferocious first round knockout.

So far all of Malkis pro fights have ended in the first round and expectations are high for the fan favourite.

5: Simon Ekbäck vs Okan Yildiz - FCR 18

Few amateur fighters have entered FCR with as much hype as Västerås' own Simon Ekbäck. With a past in hockey he was already an established athlete with a following, but facing Okan Yildiz in hs FCR Ekbäck scored a defining win for his still-young MMA career.

Ekbäck was on fire from the start of the fight, eventually scoring a one punch knockout that will surely be replayed in highlight reels for many years to come.

4: Ebrima Faal vs Nabbe Malki - FCR 16

MMA is all about the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat, which was evident when fan favourites Ebrima Faal and Nabbe Malki clashed.

Malki was hot off of his round one KO win over Taylan Isik whereas Faal was still in search of his first pro win. Faal wouldn't have to search for long, though, connecting with a hard knee that was the beginning of the end, as he chased down his opponent with strikes, getting the stoppage and following it up with one of the most iconic FCR interviews of recent years.

3: Erik Wahrolén vs Ibrahim Halil Milli - FCR 17

Shock factor goes a long way in MMA. While nobody was questioning Erik Wahroléns MMA skills heading into his pro debut against Ibrahim Halil Milli at FCR 17,most were expecting his grappling to be his biggest asset.

Milli defending the early takedown, but Wahrolén would stand his ground in the striking exchange, landing a devastating shot that put his opponent to sleep in one of the best KO's of the year.

2: Andreas Gustafsson vs Dominic Schober - FCR 18

How could Andreas Gustafsson possible follow up the bloodbath that was his win over Toni Lampinen at FCR 16? Well how about a record-setting KO!

Gustafsson would connect with a brutal shot against Dominic Schober, ending the fight in typical, brutal "Bane" fashion.

1: Bernardop Sopai vs Julien Lopez - FCR 15

The obvious choice for knockout of the year comes courtesy of former bantamweight champion Bernardo Sopai, who went viral by one-punch KO'ing Julien Lopez with his very first strike, just 20 seconds into the fight.

The knockout made the rounds on the internet, making an appearance on the award-winning MMA show Morning Kombat amongst others, and is clearly the FCR knockout of the year!


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