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FCR presents: The best fights of 2023

2023 has been a truly phenomenal year for Fight Club Rush, and it was undoubtedly the year that gave the fans some of the best fights in recent times.

The FCR team has now compiled the best fights of the year, listed below!

4: Fernando Flores vs Alexander Lööf - FCR 15

In a meeting between hardened veteran Fernando Flores and youthful prospect Alexander Lööf the fans would see somewhat of a changing of the guard - though it would not come easily.

Lööf won the first round, landing well-placed shots and pressing the action. In the second round it was Flores who controlled the pace, pushing Lööf into hazardous depths.

The third round would be what decided who left with the victory. Flores started off strong but a flying knee from Lööf changed the course of battle.

Eventually Lööf would win the decision in what was the best fight of FCR 15.

3: Zoran Milic vs Rohulla Yousofi - FCR 16

Had it not been for the main event at FCR 16 the number one contender bout for the FCR flyweight title would easily have been the best fight of the card.

Fans will always get their moneys worth with Zoran Milic, who simply always fights in a action-packed way. Rohulla Yousofi is known for his fantastic boxing and had recently finished Anton Larsson via vicious KO.

Yousofi started off the fight with a bang, landing a haymaker of an uppercut that floored Milic. Never one to go down easily, Milic got back into the fight, got top position, and made it to the second round.

From there Milic gained control over the fight, using his wrestling to press the action. Yousofi was equally game, though, refusing to relent.

In the third round Yousofi turned up the tempo on the feet and while he was taken down eventually, he won a well-deserved decision in an instant classic of a fight.

2: Jonny Touma vs Rohulla Yousofi - FCR 18

Following his big win at FCR 16, as well as a slew of other circumstances, Rohulla Yousofi was set to challenge Jonny Touma for the flyweight title.

The bout was a showcase of fast-paced, technical brilliance. Despite his opponent having strong boxing credentials, Touma dropped Yousofi with strikes in the first round.

Being an incredibly work horse, Yousofi never backed down and constantly pursued victory, not deterred by anything.

Touma truly proved his championship mettle with a fantastic, well-rounded performance that displayed just how good the current FCR flyweight champ is, winning a unanimous decision.

1: Andreas Gustafsson vs Toni Lampinen - FCR 16

What could possible said about this fight that hasn't already? The FCR 16 main event between Sweden's Andreas Gustafsson and Finland's Toni Lampinen was a seminal fight not just in FCR history - but Nordic MMA history.

Gustafsson was all over his foe early, landing a hard strike that dropped the Finn. Lampinen showed his legendary toughness, though, got back up and cracked his opponent with a hellacious elbow, breaking Gustafsson's nose.

As soon as the blood began flowing, the two got into a much more primal mode, slugging it out in a way that warriors of old conquered kingdoms with.

Both were cut, their blood almost completely changing the colour of the canvas as they continued pummeling each other in a brutal war of attrition. The crowds screams were deafening, nobody stayed seated - not even the commentators.

Towards the end of the second round Gustafsson began taking over and blitzed his opponent, dropping Lampinen. A few shots on the ground sealed the deal for what is unquestionably the bloodiest fight in Nordic MMA, and one of the best fights the region has ever produced.

Stay tuned for more of the 2023 FCR Awards!


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